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How can you experience the awe and beauty of the great outdoors without ever taking a step outside. Its easy and enjoyable when it comes to Millers Rustic Furniture, where the great outdoors comes to life indoors. one step into the showroom at Miller’s Rustic Furniture, and visitors are transported into another world. The showroom creates the aroma, sight and feel of being out in the woods From the vision of furniture which includes hickory, wormy maple, aspen, pine, red cedar and more, to the aroma, that if a person were to close their eyes, they would swear they were in the woods, Millers Rustic Furniture is the place to shop for native wood furniture that is durable and stunning . Nestled in the rolling hills of Saltilla, Millers Rustic Furniture is well off the beaten path and yet quite easy to get to, which only adds to the allure of this authentic furniture store. Store owners Joe and Miriam miller said Millers Rustic Furniture is an experience unlike any other when it comes to furniture shopping in Amish Country. “A lot of people walk in here and are amazed at how much variety we have,” Miller said. ‘We hear all the time that people expected to see one kind of log bedroom set to pick from. That is not the case. We have a large selection of rustic furniture models to choose from, and the possibilities are almost limitless. Miller has a keen eye for hardwood that will make enticing furniture. “Sometimes wood can just bend and twist and grow , and that ends up making the most interesting, beautiful furniture,” Miller Said. What makes Miller’s Rustic Furniture even more impressive is that it doesn’t try to hide the knots, cracks and imperfections in the wood instead Miller said that they embrace those unique characteristics. by utilizing wood that is authentic and unrefined, Miller said it allows the natural beauty of the wood to become the focal point of each piece. The furniture is so authentic in it’s unrefined feel, that it brings nature right into the home. But what truly may surprise customers is the variety of options available “People can buy the cookie cutter furniture and there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you want,” Miller said. “But here no piece of furniture is going to be exactly the same because of the uniqueness of the wood. Pieces are carefully built either on-site at their shop or by local craftsmen who take great pride in quality, durability and beauty. Miller’s Rustic Furniture reflects the very finest in bedroom suites, dining room and living room furniture, outdoor furniture and occasional. While the in-store selection is immense should the customer have something in mind Miller’s Rustic Furniture welcome the challenge of creating custom-made pieces. Their experienced staff will sit down with a client and carefully map out each detail creating the ideal furniture that a customer desires. In addition to the rustic furniture perched throughout the store are Miller’s own countless wild stuffed and mounted animals like elk, cougars and bear which he has put on display. While photographs and brochures can tell a story nothing will actually take the place of actually experiencing the showroom at Miller’s Rustic Furniture where the great outdoors comes to life indoors.


Monday: 9AM – 5PM Tuesday: 9AM – 5PM Wednesday: 9AM – 5PM Thursday: 9AM – 5PM Friday: 9AM – 5PM Saturday: 9AM – 4PM Sunday: Closed


Phone: (330) 674-9709

Address: 6101 Co Hwy 68, Millersburg, OH 44654



16 Reviews

  1. Quality Furniture

    It will be worth your time to stop in and look and the great selection of rustic furniture!

  2. Joan Confer

    Best Prices Awesome Workmanship

  3. Kelbie & Sara

    Absolutely love it. Great prices and great people who work there.

  4. Rhonda & Gary

    Wonderful service. Gonna be back

  5. Sherry

    Breathtaking- Sherry

  6. Dan & Laurie

    Beautiful Great Prices

  7. Lynsey & Brian

    Beautiful Craftsman ship

  8. John & Vicki

    Very Amazing Store hoping to come back

  9. Shelby

    Most Beautiful Furniture i have ever seen

  10. Debby & Brock

    Love Love Love your store!

  11. Lee & Raina

    Our Favorite store

  12. Scott & Laura

    One of the best we have ever seen

  13. Kevin & Tracie

    Such natural beauty

  14. Ann & Jerry

    Love this place & prices

  15. Bill & Anne

    We love your store we never leave without buying something

  16. Belinda & Charlie

    Incredible love everything i’ll be back for more soon.


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