Sunny Slope Orchard


Sunny Slope has been the local market of choice in Navarre, Ohio for fresh fruits and vegetables since 1936. Our store has recently expanded to provide deli meats, cheeses, and many other goods you would expect to find at a local market. You also won’t want to miss the fresh goodies that come from our bakery.


Monday: 8AM - 6PM

Tuesday: 8AM - 6PM

Wednesday: 8AM - 6PM

Thursday: 8AM - 6PM

Friday: 8AM - 6PM

Saturday: 8AM - 6PM

Sunday: Closed


Phone: (330) 833-9415

Address: 14960 Millersburg Road SW, Navarre, Ohio 44662


4.3 based on 6 reviews

6 Reviews

  1. Claudia Finnefrock-Conant

    My husband and I shop there a lot! We love the apples and refuse to buy them at any other place. The Cider is the best when in season. We really like the prices and food at the deli! The employees are very friendly and helpful.

  2. Julie Derrick

    I LOVE Sunny Slope! It is one of my first stops any time that I am in Ohio. The cider is so delicious that it is like drinking an apple. One of my favorite breakfasts consists of a small tray of cheese cubes from the deli and some cider. The pies are delicious. I think my Ohio friends invite me to dinner because they know that I will come bearing a couple of pies from ” the Slope”. Awesome place!

  3. Willis Radabaugh

    I loves your home growing cantalopes!!!

  4. Sue Snyder

    I get so excited when I know that I am going to Sunny Slopes!!!!

  5. Ruth Carter

    Sunny slope is on the sunny side of the street! Enjoyable place to shop for fruit and vegetables. Excellent selection of apples. And now have a deli where you can buy lunch meats and cheeses. Also they sell bakery goods such as cakes, cookies and pies. The people who work there are the best.

  6. Sharon Jacobs

    I love this place! The very best peaches and produce! Love the baked goods also!


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