Hartzler Family Dairy

Hartzler Family Dairy



In 1964, when Harold Hartzler made the decision to stop using chemical pesticides and herbicides on his farm, it was not a marketing decision.  He did it because he had witnessed the effect of chemical run-off on a neighboring farm after a storm.  It was then that Harold decided to farm only “as Nature Intended”.

Today, over fifty years later, the Hartzler family continues Harold’s legacy of farming without chemicals or artificial hormones and including other local, family farms to produce high quality, all natural dairy products.





Monday:  10AM – 9PM
Tuesday: 10AM – 9PM
Wednesday: 10AM – 9PM
Thursday: 10AM – 9PM
Friday: 10AM – 9PM
Saturday: 10AM – 9PM
Sunday:   10AM – 9PM





Phone: (330) 345-8190

Address: 5454 Cleveland Rd, Wooster, OH 44691






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Hartzler Family Dairy



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