P. Graham Dunn

P. Graham Dunn


P. Graham Dunn is located in Dalton, Ohio. Tucked into the manufacturing facility is a 20,000 square foot retail store. Guests enter the massive two-story lobby where they are greeted by a grand staircase.  Large ornate plaques adorn the walls; scripture is carved into the crown molding, and the lobby houses one of Ohio’s largest indoor murals.  It is fast becoming a tradition for families to come during the Christmas holiday to enjoy the spectacular décor and the 25 ft. Christmas tree.

Ascending to the second floor store, guests enjoy the visually rich displays and seemingly endless product options. Windows along each side of the store provide a viewing gallery into the manufacturing plant.  Visitors not only get a bird’s eye view of the production process from start to finish, but also, get to experience watching both “English” and Amish work side by side.

Lasers in the store are available for custom engraved gifts on the spot. If you want to get in on the creative process, there are services available to bring your own custom ideas to life.  Bargain shoppers flock to the Factory Outlet where we constantly add overstocked, scratch & dent, prototype, discontinued, and unfinished merchandise.





Monday:  9AM – 5PM
Tuesday: 9AM – 5PM
Wednesday: 9AM – 5PM
Thursday: 9AM – 5PM
Friday: 9AM – 5PM
Saturday: 9AM – 5PM
Sunday:   Closed





Phone: (330) 828-2105

Address: 630 Henry St, Dalton, OH 44618









5 based on 4 reviews

4 Reviews

  1. “Newly renovated and well stocked!”

    The company has re-branded itself to meet the demands of today’s market. Thousands of items to choose from and very good quality. The store is on the second level (there is an elevator, if needed) and you are able to look down and watch the various phases of production. Lots of “pallet art.” Our two grandchildren, ages 10 & 12, each found it to be very interesting.
    Many of the items can be personalized.

  2. Beautiful Place

    Beautiful shop. Lobby is very impressive. I was on a bus tour and have never heard of this place. I loved all the beautiful signs and smell of wood. They had a lot of unusual items and the largest wind chimes I have ever seen.You can find gifts for all family members and friends. I even found wood blocks for my one year old grandson that was made in America. It is a little expensive but worth the money. I would have liked to stay longer.

  3. “Great Inspirational gift shop”

    This place is big and has lots to see so make sure you have a little extra time to spend looking around, my wife and I were there close to 2 hours looking and reading things. The gift shop is upstairs when you walk in and down one wall in some areas there is big windows and you can look down and see everyone working. Outside they have a little pond with a concrete walkway around it, pic nick table, little church & a standing cross just off the path. After we came out of the gift shop we walked around the pond just taking it all in. Really a nice place to spend some time. Hours are Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm

  4. “Great shop”

    Very large gift shop with wood items and more. Open windows to watch workings. Super clean with nice staff. Great shop for Christian Faith items


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P. Graham Dunn