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Welcome to Rails to Trails Holmes County. Come see the beautiful scenery this trail has to offer. We have 3 main entrances to the trail.
Hipp Station Entrance is the most popular entrance to the trail. Right behind Fox's Pizza this entrance offers very beautiful scenery and an up close and personal view of what used to be an old train station.
Walmart Entrance. Located right beside Walmart Supercenter in Millersburg trail travelers love this entrance since they can stock up on supplies before hitting the trail.
Route 83 Entrance is located right beside Route 83 in Holmesville. This entrance offers an awesome bridge/tunnel to travel through.
The dream of a multipurpose recreation trail through Holmes County was born shortly after the flood of 1969 ended the active use of the railroad in Holmes County. Throughout the last half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century the railroad was an integral part of the life and business of our county. The railroad connected Holmes County with major cities in Ohio. People and goods regularly traveled the tracks on their way to destinations throughout the county. DuringW.W. II the troop trains rolled through Holmes County on their way south. With the advent of better highways and efficient truck transportation, use of the railroad declined. Repairing the railroad grade after the flood was considered too great a cost - so the tracks were no longer used for train travel.
A few far-sighted citizens saw the potential use of the railroad bed as a recreational trail and so the dream for Rails to Trails was born. The Holmes County Trails is a treasure not many communities have the opportunity to share with their neighbors and families. Labeled as the first Trail in the nation to accommodate Amish buggies, the unique and scenic Holmes County Trail now has 22- miles of its 29-mile trail open. Fredericksburg to Killbuck 15-miles are paved with an additional 7.5 miles from Glenmont to Brinkhaven recetnly paved as well.
One lane of the trail is paved with asphalt for biking, roller-blading, walking, running, and wheelchairs, while the adjoining buggy and equestrian trail is paved with "chip and seal" for horse-drawn vehicles and horseback riding. Upon completion of the 29-mile trail, Holmes and Knox county will consist of over 50-miles of uninterrupted trail giving trail goers one of the most unique recreational facilities in the Ohio to Erie Trail System through Ohio's heartland. The Trail is a great place to connect, and reconnect and become reoriented with nature. We need wild places of solitude at times. Not every county in this nation has a natural corridor of beauty 29-miles long cleaving its heartland and owned in common by all its residents


Open Every Day From Daylight to Dusk.


Phone: (239) 785-8887

Address: 62 N Grant St, Millersburg, OH 44654


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